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You may solely purchase this item for our service to help you prepare a statement or add it to your DIY kit.


This item includes 15-minute initial phone consulting, one statement draft and continual email communications to polish the statement until you are satisfied with the final version. You may purchase multiple items if you have more than one statement to draft.


The service will be customized based on clients’ needs to explain certain issues to USCIS for immigrant/non-immigrant applications, such as I-485, I-130, I-539, J-1 Waiver etc.


The most common statements include but are not limited to:


1. Reckless driving/DUI conviction statement

2. Statement for member of Chinese communist party

3. Military Training

4. Previous/current Illegal presence in USA

5. Reason for filing J-1 waiver

6. Statement for family-based sponsorship


Note: Please email us at to schedule your appointment upon your payment.


Please attach a short explanation of your background focusing on what your statement will be clarifying.


The applicants are recommended or required to explain the answers that indicate any existing or potential criminal record, outstanding legal issues, illegal presence history, communist party involvement, complicated marriage history, or any other specific records in certain aspects.

Statement Drafting Service

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