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This item is to provide instructions for the Derivative applicant filing for I-485, 765, 131 applications
based on principle applicant’s employment-based I-140. You may use this kit if the principle applicant will submit I-485 with you together or principle applicant’s i-485 has been submitted and still pending.

a. If principle applicant is going to submit with you together, please order “I-485 principle applicant” + “I-485 derivative applicant”. Please use the cover letter and filing case to USCIS instructions in the derivative applicant kit. This add-on kit will be $199 when you already purchased the main kit.


b. If principle applicant’s case has been submitted and currently pending, please solely order “I-485 derivative applicant” to prepare your application. No need to buy the “principle applicant” kit. The price of this item only is $399.


This item will provide comprehensive instructions on application requirements and processing, also
assist you with preparing all the supporting documents.

Instead of having tons of documents in the DIY kit for you to read and follow, we strive to make everything as easy to understand as possible. Instructions were integrated to a filled sample form, so you don’t need to open piles of pdf documents on your computer at the same time and completely get lost in them.


You will have full access to download this kit and updated versions for one month from your date of
We will email you when a new version is available through the valid period of your subscription. You
may log in to your account and download the latest version. This allows you to always have the most
recent kit when you are ready to file with USCIS.


Form version:

Latest Version Upload Date: 10/15/19 


After checking out, you will be taken to a page with a link to download the package in a zip folder.

You will also receive an email with the receipt as well as the download link.
Download the zip folder and double click to unzip it. Then You may start following the instructions to start your case preparation.

We highly recommend clients to file forms under Windows system. We have seen a lot of malfunctions under Mac IOS option systems, such as missing of the answer choice click, format error, etc. Form malfunction could cause some unnoticeable errors that might result in serious issues in your case.

*If you stick to using MacBook, we will not be responsible for any consequences.

If you forget where you saved it, or if your hard drive crashes, you can always log in to your account
at any time to download your kit.


Table of Contents

1. Form Filing Instructions I485
2. Form Filing Instructions I765
3. Form Filing Instructions I131
4. Case Filing to USCIS Instructions
5. Cover Letter
6. Blank Forms

I485 DIY Kit - Derivative Applicant

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