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We understand that each case is different and each of our client has their individual expectation when it comes to the case filing. We are flexible with our approach so our level of involvement can be as much or as little as you need.


This item is an add-on service to your DIY kit. The service includes two options for you. Please choose whichever you feel more suitable to your situation. You may purchase multiple review service packages to add them up if you need more time for consulting or have more than 15 questions.


Package A


1. Review your cover letter, provide suggestions on the supporting documents preparation

2. Review the cheque you wrote to USCIS

3. Answers and provide advice to 15 questions or concerns of your filing


Package B


10 mins of phone consulting.


You may ask any questions regarding your case and we will provide suggestions. Phone consulting does not include any paperwork review.

For phone consulting, we provide service in English or Chinese.


*Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for the case denial due to the inaccurate or untruthful answers you provide to USCIS.


If you choose package A, please download the form upon the payment and fill it out. Send the question form, the picture of your cheque and cover letter to; the turnover time will be one business day.


If you prefer package B, you may ignore the link in your email and simply email to make an appointment with our agent.

Application Review/Phone Consulting

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